Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"When you see the great smoke rise, Satan will have touched the earth. His manifestation will be near. He will seek to destroy what Christ has built, as Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil. In the end, the Cross will predominate, but not before the end of an era that has strayed."

That was a brief message two years ago from the same source as provided the 1990 prophecy many years before and the question is whether it's related to the Iceland volcano.

If nothing else, it is unnerving how demonic-like the crater of this volcano appears (when viewed from far above) and how many dark silhouettes seemed embedded in the hefty billows of dark smoke rising from the infernal bowels of the earth -- like a sinister spiritual army marching. Note that the smoke covered much of Europe (starting in the intensely secular north -- disrupting especially the UK -- and edging south toward Rome and the Vatican). It was a greater disruption of air traffic than during September 11.

The eruption occurred just as the famous statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- the largest in the world -- was cut off by mudslides. And days after that came word that vandals scrawled graffiti on this revered monument to Jesus.

Ironically, it was in 2008 -- the same week as the great-smoke "word" -- that the statue last made similar headlines -- when a bolt of lightning hit it and "a strange aura appeared around the 130-foot figure’s head and chest before disappearing in a flash. Shocked locals believe that Christ the Redeemer looked as if it had been illuminated by God's Hand. It has also been reported that the 130-foot figure, on the summit of Rio de Janeiro’s Corcovado Mountain, was left unscathed even after the uncanny event."

Meanwhile, the rivers of fire from the earth come as there seems to be a widespread seismic disturbance -- with recent quakes in Haiti, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, California, and elsewhere. It was mystic Maria Esperanza of Venezuela who once said the core of the earth "is out of balance." Could it be related one day to a previous "word" in the 1990 missive itself that foresaw "strange loud rumblings"?

Whether this is the "great smoke," we will soon see. It certainly comes at a time of greatest upset in the Church, which like the rest of society has been infiltrated by the forces of darkness (as also alluded in the word of knowledge). A sign of some kind in Europe will be followed by a huge calamitous one in the U.S. and then sometime later by a political or economic event that all will stagger us towards a simplification that may then begin in earnest -- is our guess. The dark force has been authorized to act. Demons pour forth. Thus, we prepare even more spiritually.


  1. This is fascinating. I have had the numerous disastrous earthquakes on my mind where it concerns the prophecies in Revelations. I am no prophet, but a firm child of God. And I certainly am paying great attention to enormity of disastrous events around the world. Remain prayerful, for only our Loving Father knows what is, because He Is.


  2. Bryn, thank you for the link on journaling. I journaled for a while in my 20's, and I threw it out when I moved cross-country - I wish I still had it ... however, no time like the present to begin anew. Perhaps I will see things differently. It was poingnant what he said about having the tendency to live in the here and now ... he's right, you know. Some say that is as it should be, but I am an idealist and I live past, present and future dreams ... maybe that is my human failure.

    Love you,