Monday, March 15, 2010

More Canadians leaning right, poll finds

Are Canadians more conservative than we used to be?

The conservative-minded Manning Centre thinks so and a new poll it paid for says the centre of the Canadian political spectrum has shifted rightward.

A survey by Allan Gregg of Harris-Decima and Carleton University’s Professor AndrĂ© Turcotte concludes that while a majority of Canadians identify with the “centre” position on the political ideology scale, this centre is increasingly embracing “traditionally conservative values.”

The poll says a plurality – or 47 per cent – of those respondents who consider themselves political “centrists” voted for the Conservatives in 2008. By comparison, back in 1997, 41 per cent of those self-identified as centrists voted Liberal.

“What is most surprising about these results is how mainstream conservative the political centre has become,” Mr. Turcotte said.

The survey found a majority of Canadians strongly agreed with traditionally conservative value statements on the morality of abortion, the definition of marriage as “between a man and a woman” and the supremacy of the family.

But while results suggest far more conservative-mindedness among Canadians, they also explain why surveys find most people are nevertheless leery of government action to enforce morality.

For instance, the poll says 75 per cent of respondents feel abortion is “morally wrong” and 80 per cent support the traditional definition of marriage.
But it also found only 21 per cent of self-identified political centrists wanted to see government play a “major role” regulating individual behaviour and morality, suggesting Canadians have a strong libertarian streak on social issues.


  1. Why can't people take control of their lives on every level, instead of allowing government into those most personal issues, such as PROTECTING THE UNBORN and social morality! People are becoming too complacent and I shutter at the thought of the state of the country when my grandchildren are adults. I pray for our leaders, whether or not I like the, mostly for the ones I feel NEED God's guidance. And I have to pray to not despise them, but to despise their choices instead. It's tough out there; God NEEDS to be at the center. What a loverly world it would be!

    Sunshine and blessings,

  2. Bryn, go to the post below today's Heartlight on my blog ("In Defense of the Pope") and follow the links to a wonderful article in defense of Pope Benedict. We are NOT hearing the truth .... I have boycotted CNN for a long time and still do.

    Love you,