Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Come, gentle Spring! Ethereal Mildness! Come."
- James Thomson

Ah March! It's a time when gardeners say "Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the lawn mower is."


Spring is sprung,
De grass is riz,
I wonder where dem birdies is?
De little birds is on de wing,
Ain’t dat absurd?
De little wing is on de bird!


Spring is sprung, green shoots are riz; I wonder where inflation is?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog background! I so agree with your comments on Papa B and Pelo-zee ...

    66 degrees? Wow! That's great weather for your part of the world. We had a beautiful sunshine on the horizon when we woke, the windows were open, the birds were singing ... I totall bloom right along with the flowers when Spring arrives ... I love it!

    Lee and I saw not one, not two, but THREE bluebirds going into our bluebird treehouse!! We were sitting on the patio last afternoon and were talking about how this will be the third year it's been on the tree and we had not seen a single bluebird. WELL NOW! Seems we have a little family and the day before the official arrival of Spring! Isn't that awesome?

    We also have two red birds who come back to our yard every year. I watched a cardinal hop all over my back yard the other day, finding things to probably make a nest.

    'Tis a most beautiful thing that God has done with our Mother Earth and the seasons.

    YES, and I detest the NEWS MEDIA! We cannot even think for ourselves anymore; society has become complacent to let others tell them what to do on a given issue. Sometimes I think how wonderful it will be if I make it to the Kingdom of God ... none of this anymore!

    Have a blessed, joyful and beautiful weekend! Don't work too hard on that garden!


  2. When we were teenagers, we used to say;
    "Spring is sprung,
    The grass is riz,
    I wonder where
    The fellas is?"

    Hmm...That speaks volumes, doesn't it?

  3. Thanks for your visit and kind words. I went to my favorite garden shop today, and said "Spring has sprung." It was a beautiful day in the 70's!