Saturday, August 7, 2010

St. Francis of Assisi - When Moses asked who You were, Lord God, You replied, "Tell them, 'I Am' sent you, if they ask you My name." Lord Jesus, when questioned by Your enemies who challenged Your identity as the Son of God You replied, "Before Abraham was, I Am'. They wanted to stone You for asserting that You Yourself were the One and Only God. Besides being the great 'I Am', You are so much more, especially to us who believe. And we do Believe - do trust not only in who You are but all the many many good promises of blessings You have made us, because You love us little ones of Yours. We are happy to be Yours! We trust You Jesus - Savior of the world, our Savior. Thank You Lord! Amen.


Tradition as it was for 2000 years and still going strong. May the beauty of Tradition continue to bring in souls to the Church. Amen.

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