Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vatican asks Susan Boyle to sing for saint Padre Pio

London: Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has been asked by the Vatican to sing at a special tribute to its most revered saint, Capuchin monk Padre Pio.

Susan, 49, is considering the offer and says, "I have a great devotion to Padre Pio."

The concert will be held in southern Italy. Padre Pio lived out his ministry there and now lies in a golden crypt.

Second most popular Roman Catholic figure after the Pope, millions of pilgrims visit him every year.

He became famous for his stigmata, bleeding or experience of pain in parts of his body where Jesus was injured during the Crucifixion. He died in 1968.

Maria Dorrian, the Scottish delegate for the Padre Pio Centre said, "Susan has inspired so many of us. I don't think she realises the impact she is having, not only through her music, but spiritually to people throughout the world."


  1. Saint Pio is one of my often called upon intercessors. Wonderful post!!! Cathy

  2. My goodness! Remembering that I am a convert, I have never heard of this Saint. I suppose I need to go and read up! What an honor ... what is there to think about, Susan????