Thursday, November 11, 2010



  1. I'm having a difficult time trying to read this, but I must say, the Five Non-negotiables hit a nerve. I had a person on Facebook say that since abortion is legal, it keeps the woman from going to some butcher and possibly dying from having the abortion. HELLO! 1) There is FREE protection at every Health Department in the city where you live, and 2) if you die from having the abortion, it is God's will, and one more, 3) there are thousands, maybe millions of people in this country who are desperately trying to adopt a baby. Which brings me to another topic: What is with all these celebrities adopting from foreign countries? Sweet Jesus, it like "fashionable" of adopt from third world countries! I wish I was young enough to adopt a baby. I would love him/her so very much, but my time has passed.

    Love you so much, Bryn!
    Abbey ♥

  2. Bryn, I changed my face book profile picture to a Poppy in honor of November 11 this year.
    Abby, I have a very dear friend in California who is waiting for the call that there is a baby for her. Every day someone is murdering the baby that could be hers.