Monday, January 18, 2010

Spread The News, The Tide Is Turning. Many In The Media Are Full Of Doom & Gloom. Don't Believe Their Hype. The Facts Are In The Book & Outlined Below. This Book Is Simply Not Wishful Thinking.
Below Are The Reasons Why The Tide Is Turning

Did you know:
•Vocations Are Increasing!
•The Laity Is Defending The Church In Many Ways
•The Youth's Faithfullness To The Church, Her Traditions & The Holy Father Has Undergone A Profound Resurgence
•Catholic Communications Such As Catholic Radio & Catholic Web Sites & Blogs Have Increased Profoundly
•A Deep Interest In Mary Is Being Witnessed Across The World
•Interest In The Eucharist & Eucharistic Adoration Is On The Rise
•Catholics Are Defending Their History & Teachings That Some In Secular Society Mock Or Don't Understand

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